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Welcome to another glorious week in content marketing!

In this week’s industry wrap-up we explore the art of turning a negative into a positive, the role of psychology in content marketing and the never-ending social media platform battle for ultimate relevancy.

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1The 2014 Brand Response Awards: Celebrating the content that turned backlash into a big win

A fantastic round-up of brands who successfully responded to a wave of negativity and hate.


2How to win friends and influence your audience

The science of social media influence: 10 psychology lessons to make your posts more persuasive.




3Is Twitter adopting a ‘Whisper’ mode?

There’s a rumor going around, based on an interview Twitter CEO Dick Costolo gave this week to Bloomberg, that the microblogging company is prepping a ‘Whisper’ mode.



4LinkedIn experiences crazy growth

LinkedIn added 19 million users last quarter, stock dips four per cent.




5McDonald’s is going high brow

Instead of toys, McDonald’s is offering free downloads of e-books.!HbVwl




6Why we need Facebook as a digital graveyard

How Facebook has changed the way we mourn and remember.




7Instagram is a marketer’s best friend — for now

Looking at 2,500 posts on seven social networks, a marketing analyst for Forrester, found that engagement on Instagram is roughly 60 times higher than Facebook.



8Does Facebook want to be the Google of mobile apps? Probably.

Facebook announced a shedload of new features including a ‘like’ button for mobile apps, the ability for apps to ‘deep-link’ to things inside other apps—and the ability to log in to third-party apps ‘anonymously’.



9Introducing Pinterest’s ‘Guided’ search

Google released Hummingbird, Facebook introduced Graph Search, and now, Pinterest has released Guided Search. It’s changing how we discover content — and it’s awesome.



10Facebook rolls out Business Manager tool for marketers

The tool, which Facebook has been rolling out over the last month, lets you assign roles to people working on various campaigns. Facebook also promises that Business Manager will let agencies and clients securely share campaign materials. Business Manager also lets marketers add and delete ad accounts connected to a company and revoke permissions to people using the accounts.


11Snapchat grows up

Snapchat is known for doing two things very, very well: taking photos or videos and then destroying them after a time limit. Now as the startup looks to expand its reach, it looks to transform itself into a full-fledged messaging business to rival the likes of WhatsApp or Viber.


1220 must-see SlideShare presentations that’ll inform, inspire and entertain

By now you’ve probably heard about SlideShare, but if you’re unconvinced about how a slide presentation stacks up against other content formats, then check out this post.

Our personal favourite from the list is embedded below!




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