To blog or not to blog…

June 20, 2011Uncategorized

As we’ve grown our business over the last 11 or so months (can’t believe it will be 1 year in 2 weeks) our most popular product that our clients have loved has been our blog package. It’s also the product that our clients generally engage with first. But we also get a whole stack of questions around why companies should blog—more importantly why should they invest the time and money into such a marketing exercise when they have so many other options at their fingertips. So I thought that with 12 months of hindsight here’s why blogging should be a part of your content marketing strategy:

1. Google loves blogs! With all the recent updates including Panda and Plus 1 there is no doubt that Google rewards rich, engaging and regular content. The blog is all of these things and with a bit of fine tuning will make sure you end up on the first page of Google— remember if you aren’t on the first page of Google you’re invisible! Most of our leads at King Content come from Google or our social networks (which is channel we distribute our blogs to— but more on that later) so its critical we rank well organically on Google.

2. Become the thought leader of your industry. Every business segment is competitive, and buyers want to make sure the company they are spending their “hard earned” on is reputable, knows what they are doing and even has an idea where the industry is going in general. One of the easiest and cheapest way of putting your stamp on the industry is to blog your opinions, thoughts and what you feel is of interest to your customers and followers. Our team at King Content tries to keep up to speed with all things content and then internally we’ll discuss what are the key trends and topics that need to be discussed in our next blog. Its a great time of the week and obviously very opinionated— needless to say I get voted down regularly!

3. Blogs are easy!– Blogs really are the easiest way to get yourself published and to maintain a connection with your customers and prospects. If you’ve got something interesting to say—within 30 minutes its in the “blogosphere”!

4. Blogs are also beginning to become a key “tick box” for potential clients. In a recent survey by the Custom Content Council in the USA, the company with a relevant and consistent website and blog will win more often than not (60% being the exact number!).

5. Keep in touch with your current clients. A blog is a great way of keeping your existing client base up to speed on where your business is at and whats important in the sector without pitching products all the time. Too many companies only call a client to pitch them more products— a blog will allow them to keep up to speed… and top of mind.

6. Its a great way to showcase your staff. Blogs shouldn’t always be written by the CEO—they don’t generally own all the ideas! A blog is a great source of debate and discussion in our office and an opportunity for members of the team to put their best case forward. It gets all of us thinking about the industry, where its going and where King Content needs to sit in the whole process. It also enables us to think about our business even though we’re up to our ears in it. A good company blog shared amongst it’s team reflects a great company.

Im sure ive missed a few things so please let us know other great reasons to invest in a company blog…

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