The week in content marketing

July 2, 2012Uncategorized

We’ve hand-picked these five interesting articles from around the world and laid them out for you:

1) 25 content marketing inspiration sources for people who don’t like to write!

Content is at the heart of communication for all mediums. You’d be surprised at how inspiration can be found within the simplest parts of your business and life.

2) The benefits of content marketing in a B2B environment

When it comes to enhancing your business, it’s important to use up-to-date strategies. The commercial world is constantly evolving and adopting new features and styles, which is the main reason why business planning has to remain current.

3) Why content marketing is a great SEO strategy, not a short-term tactic

Google is now placing more value on authorship, natural links and social signals, so the next natural step is content marketing.

4) 7 tips for creating the right mobile experience for your website

Nearly 50 per cent of your audiences already use mobile as their primary internet access device. In other words, you are losing nearly half your audience if you do not make your website mobile-friendly.

5) Content marketing drives social media and sales – are you spending enough?

Top on marketers’ list of content marketing challenges is coming up with original topics and finding the time to create that content.

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