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August 14, 2013Uncategorized

The week in content marketing 14 08 13If you’re craving great content marketing articles but you don’t want to scour the web, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are the King Content team’s top picks from the week in content marketing.

Catch up, soak it in and share with other content enthusiasts.

Is it content marketing or clever advertising?
They’re the campaigns which epitomise the shift in the way brands now interact with audiences, but are these favoured examples of ‘content marketing’ all they’re cracked up to be?

7 Video marketing core best practices for brand marketers
An examination of how the Top 100 brands are approaching video marketing with key lessons about video content best practices.

Team-building the CMO’s imperative: SAP’S Ray Kloss on the next five years
What skills do you think will be critical to the CMO in 2018? In this article Ray Kloss discusses future CMO’s core competencies, technical knowledge, and their role within business in the year 2018.

Editorial, advertorial and branded content: Dispelling the myths
How do you distinguish the difference between branded content and advertorial? Our Content Strategist Kye Mackey dispels some myths about content marketing.

11 signs you work in content marketing
A lighthearted look at content marketers.

Pinterest for content marketers
By now you’ve probably heard of Pinterest, but if you’re still unsure about how it can work for your brand this blog will help!

19 content tools to boost your search performance
Need some help deciding which content tools you should be using to boost your search performance? Here’s a very helpful list from Lee Odden.

Content marketing cage match
Join us as we soak up the mistakes and triumphs of major brands adapting to meet their increasingly savvy digital audiences. This week it’s the battle of the airlines- Qantas vs. Virgin Australia.

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