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January 25, 2013Uncategorized

Want to catch up on the best content marketing articles, blogs and slideshare presentations? To save you time, we’ve curated and compiled the best of the week into one convenient post!

Convergence of marketing and journalism is a recipe for better content

In this video Jay Baer asks: ”With documentary-style storytelling increasingly being imbued into content and social programs, will “brand journalist” be the new “community manager” and become the hot new communications job du jour?”

Q&A with John Mescall, McCann: Branded content and being more viral than Rhianna

”Advertising is control. Do this, buy this, don’t do that, own this, do this now, call us now…Whereas the content model is all around an experience and the message, but not telling you. It’s involving you and showing you and making you feel something. It’s not telling.”

How SEO undermined content marketing yet created a demand for it

If you want consumers to engage with your brand, it needs to be on their terms and of their volition, not because an algorithm has used keywords to match adverts with content.

What to expect from Content Marketing World Sydney

This is a massive event. It’s a great place to learn all the latest trends in content marketing about what’s working and what’s not, who’s doing it right and who the leaders are in this explosive growth area.

2013 the year of living socially

It may not be this week, but there may soon come a day when it becomes imperative that your business has an active social media presence, and you’ll be disappointed when your company’s name is already taken.

Connection vs. Conversation

Conversation is the sustainability of attention. Don’t connect and not converse. Don’t converse without connecting first.

Is content marketing replacing SEO?

Influential website Mashable recently ran a piece on whether content marketing was taking over search engine marketing. It struck me as a good discussion to have in the Australian context because content marketing is a relatively new area here.

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