The week in content marketing

October 2, 2012Uncategorized

The best of the week’s content marketing articles, blogs and infographics wrapped up in one neat little package. Enjoy!

1) Five questions to ask your SEO content marketing company

Without any kind of measurement, there’s no way of knowing if your content is reaching the right people.

2) Six ways to make your content snackable

It doesn’t matter how valuable the information or how devoted your following, people skimming your content is just part of the game

3) Three reasons to fear content marketing

Your culture has to be open to change to move forward with content marketing because often you have to make decisions on the fly. You have to be nimble.

4) Beyond SEO: Inbound marketing in a post-Google world

We need to expand beyond search engine optimization because search engines aren’t the only way people discover or consume content anymore.

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