The week in content marketing

August 28, 2012Uncategorized

1) Live4 launches – content marketing with a bang!

Live4, a new interactive website that we here at King Content have been working on for almost a year, has landed. It’s a combination of good content, social media and smart SEO.

2) How do you know it’s time to create content?

Content creation is probably the single most important marketing activity you can implement. But don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to create too many forms of content right away.

3) Journalism is dead: Welcome to the era of content marketing

The tide has turned. Old media is on its way out. The internet, apps, social media and blogs have dramatically changed the way in which we search for, access and interact with information.

4) Content marketing: Trend spotting in the social media wild

What does the average social media manager, toiling in the trenches with a limited budget do to get a more granular view of what is hot in specific areas?

5) 5 common content marketing sins

Bad content writing is a huge viewer turn-off. Here are five content marketing sins that every company and writer aiming to please must avoid.

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