The week in content marketing

July 30, 2012Uncategorized

Opinions and insights on content marketing we think deserve another mention:

1) Ambush marketing and the Olympics

With unprecedented levels of media coverage, The Olympics is a magnet for companies looking to capitalise on the biggest sporting event in the world without paying for rights aka ‘Ambush Marketing’.

2) Was the Shell Oil Co. hoax ethical?

If tactics like the Shell Oil hoax become accepted and common, they can easily backfire; opponents could just as easily use the same strategy against an organisation like Greenpeace.

3) The first rule of community management: Do not delete

Seven News has apologised after it deleted comments from its Facebook page from a mother angry at the network’s coverage of her daughter’s death. Mumbrella wrote about the growing number of social media blunders where brands delete negative comments made on their own Facebook pages.

4) Telling Your Story: 5 Rules for ‘Content Marketing’

There’s a strategy that’s still clearly “Google approved” and likely always will be: Content marketing. If your content isn’t all that it could be, consider these tips for developing a killer content marketing strategy.

5) Skyword and King Content announce strategic partnership in Australia

We especially like the part when The Wall Street Journal says “…King Content, the leading content marketing agency in Australia”.

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