The big shake-up in content writing

July 6, 2012Uncategorized

With the digital age firmly upon us, content writing has become an integral part of the digital era. Over the last few weeks, corporates like Fairfax and News Ltd have once again announced they will be cutting jobs.

I can only imagine a large portion of those will be content writers (journalists, copywriters and the like). No one enjoys hearing about someone losing their job. However, on the positive side of things, no one mentions how the digital industry is growing either. It is really exciting to think where the industry will be in just a few years’ time, and this is a good thing for people in content writing!

People spend more time on the internet than they do watching TV, let alone reading newspapers and magazines. King Content, for example, has a constantly expanding pool of writers, especially when Fairfax and News Ltd make job cut announcements. From niche medical industries to the popular finance, travel and fashion industries, we have a massive selection of experienced content writers.

Many of the writers we work with have cut their teeth in print. There is, however, the odd writer that still struggles with the idea that they shouldn’t be writing for a digital audience, and this is partly due to the stigma of terms like ‘SEO’ and ‘optimised content’.

Maybe five years ago they would have had a case, but now more than ever you don’t need to be writing content that is intended only for search engines. The search engines want you to write high quality content that is engaging for readers. I’ll say it once and for all: having optimised content does not mean you have to sacrifice quality editorial, it just means knowing who your target market is and ensuring that you write what your audience searches for and wants!

Any writers that don’t agree with this are, I believe, in trouble. As newspapers make their revenue from advertising and high circulations, the same principle will apply to their websites. Good editorial attracts users – it just helps when you make it easier for them to find it.

Elmo Stoop, Business Development Manager, King Content.

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