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March 16, 2012Uncategorized

We thought we’d share with you something we stumbled upon. Well it’s been around for quite some time but it now has over 20,000,000 members. It’s the social media site StumbleUpon that you may have stumbled on at some stage – see what we did there!

As part of your content marketing campaign you need to promote yourself around a variety of social media sites – the ones that your current and potential customers are on. Just because Pinterest and Google+ are bandied about these days doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right for your business.

StumbleUpon is a sophisticated social network in that it enables you to stumble upon your favourite web pages, share interesting and valuable content, and write reviews for your followers to read. It’s basically a bookmarking site that allows you to ‘like’ websites and add them to your StumbleUpon profile, which are then shared with friends.

Is StumbleUpon right for you?

On signing in you are requested to fill out a survey of your interests. It’s likely that your business fits into a couple of these categories which means your site can get a lot of new visitors that already have an interest in your area.

If used properly StumbleUpon will enhance your social media experience for your business. The more you use it, the more you will be able to drive traffic to your website. Over time it is going to help you increase business and strengthen existing relationships.

What do I need to do?

As you have done with social sites before, fill in a comprehensive description of yourself, including links to your website, blog and other social networks that you use. Then populate your profile with your favourite topics – ones that relate to your business and start stumbling. Like pages and give them the thumbs up, write reviews and share good content.

Like any social media platform you need to be active and communicate with other social media users in order to maximise return. If you wish to get your website ‘stumbled upon’ then you need to be a regular participant so you can build up visitors and receive high ratings from other users.

Add the Badge

“Not another badge” we hear you say! Well, if you have decided that StumbleUpon is for you then you should add this to your website. This encourages other users to add your site to their profiles. Having said that, dedicated users will actively promote your site if the content you produce is useful.

So give it a try and let us know how you go…


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