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What We Do.
Full-service approach

Develop and implement your social media strategy, content planning, management
and amplification.
Social content

Improve your social page engagement with content that’s tailored to your platform and targeted at your audience.
Community management

Plan and streamline all content across your social media channels to make sure your message is consistent.
Social listening

Monitor and analyse digital conversations to understand what customers are thinking about your company.

Our Partners.

Get more eyes on your content through the world’s largest networks.

Our Approach.

Social media strategy
Gain an in-depth understanding of your audience and their social demands. Define how your brand can achieve social success by using a social media strategy.
Content planning

Plan and implement organic and paid promotion tactics across your social channels and ensure everything’s integrated with your other content marketing activities.

Social campaigns
Build brand affinity and lift brand awareness by creating and executing socially led campaigns that inspire consumers to amplify your content.
Paid social activity

Clearly define a social media plan to extend your content’s reach across your current audience and desired customers.

Sharing content

Analyse and report the success of all organic and paid amplification tactics to increase followers and shares, and drive brand awareness and reputation.

Measurement and reporting

Conduct an ongoing analysis of key metrics that ensures the desired audiences are interacting and engaging with your brand.






Social media strategy development

Step closer to your target audience with an effective social media strategy

Adopting a dedicated social media strategy is critical for businesses to develop the expected level of intimacy with their target audience and achieve their desired marketing outcomes. It is also an effective way to mitigate online risks.

By working with King Content UK, you will benefit from the support and guidance of a team that has developed social media strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands. We live and breathe branded social media and understand how to combine made-for-social content with real-time engagement to foster online communities of brand advocates.

When we develop a comprehensive social media strategy for your brand, our engagement includes:

  • Setting social media objectives and goals.
  • Brand persona creation.
  • Competitor reviews.
  • Social listening of the current market.
  • Channel selection.
  • Made-for-social content planning and calendars.
  • Risk mitigation policy.
  • Campaign creation.
  • Amplification strategies.
  • Social measurement and reporting tactics.
  • Social benchmarking.

Social media community management

Fostering meaningful customer relationships through social media community management

Today’s brands are unlikely to flourish by simply delivering an attractive product or service. They are now also required to converse directly with customers in a way that entertains and adds further value.

As customer expectations escalate, it becomes increasingly time-consuming to manage a quality social media presence – which is where we step in. At King Content UK, we have a dedicated team of London based social media strategists and social media community management experts who have extensive experience cultivating online communities.

Depending on your needs, we have the capability to develop your presence across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Whichever social media platforms your strategy includes, our social media community management service offering can provide:

  • Social listening, key influencer identification and persona creation.
  • Channel development, optimisation and effective moderation.
  • Made-for-social content creation: competitions, memes, trend monitoring and GIF creation.
  • Real-time triage engagement for issue escalation, resolution and management.
  • Paid social media campaigns and segment targeting.
  • Cross-channel social media strategy management.

How can your brand benefit from social media community management?

Our social media managers take a strategic content marketing approach to community management. We devote significant time to social listening and real-time engagement, allowing us to deliver unique content that your target audience values and evangelises.

The end result for your business is social media content that excites and motivates action, increases brand reach, improves brand advocacy and elevates traffic and conversions on owned assets.

Social media measurement and reporting

Pre-empting trends with social media measurement

It’s difficult to improve results without learning from the way your target audience engages with your content. By undertaking ongoing performance analysis and reporting, you develop valuable insights, which drive real business outcomes.

With us on board, you will have access to a team of passionate social media experts who adopt a strategic approach to social media measurement, providing actionable insights. Whether it’s a status, meme or comment, each post we deliver is crafted according to specific criteria and designed to motivate and inspire action.

So what exactly is involved in social media measurement?

We monitor all facets of your social media content, including:

  • Engagement with your brand’s social media content: likes, shares, comments, embeds.
  • Follower growth and demographics.
  • Persona measurement and qualification. Is your content engaging the prescribed target audience?
  • Performance of the content in driving traffic back to owned assets.
  • Which types of content are garnering the most social engagement and why.
  • Conversion rates from followers to subscribers.
  • Results of paid amplification.
  • Return on objective from social media investment using original social benchmarks.

How can your brand benefit from social media measurement and reporting?

Our detailed social media performance analysis allows us to gauge brand sentiment, awareness and reputation online. We are then able to calculate your ROI and ROO, and further optimise your social media strategy.

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