So How’s the iPhone 5 Doing? I Mean… 4S!

October 28, 2011Uncategorized

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the iPhone 4S graced us with it’s presence. There was so much hype for this highly anticipated piece of technology it was ridiculous! And then it coincidently coincided with the death of the legendary Steve Jobs.

When Apple announced the release of the 4S instead of the iPhone 5 we must admit it was a bit of a shock, as was the passing of Mr Jobs to a greater extent (now now!) So how’s it all going? Has the unstoppable Apple saved the day once again? Here’s our shortlist of the iPros and iCons, oh I mean pros and cons!


– The 8MP camera has had an upgrade and is a pleasure to use. It opens more quickly and takes fantastic pictures.

– The battery life is better now that there’s a dual-core A5 processor so it’s faster at downloading all those apps and games we love so much.

– Siri is by far the best voice recognition software on the market. When we asked Siri the very important, “Do you love me?” We got a very prompt and honest, “It’s too early to tell!”

– The coating on its glass exterior makes it resistant to fingerprints by repelling the oils in your fingers.


– There’s no social networking integration in the contacts list – it’s about time really don’t you think!

– There’s also no message history present in the phonebook.

– It’s still a little pricey compared to other phones on the market.

Overall, we’re very impressed with this device, with the upgraded camera, slick web browser, voice recognition and quality screen. So do we love you iPhone 4S?

It’s not too early to tell – yes, yes we do!

If you couldn’t disagree any more, let us know in the comments…

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