Run your online marketing campaign as if it were a country

August 31, 2012Uncategorized

As the internet grows ever more influential, it becomes clearer how vital a well-run online marketing campaign is for business. Whether you’re connecting with fans, providing great content or strengthening your brand, running that campaign with military precision is well advised and often it’s possible to take a leaf or two out of the books from national campaigns.

Share your collective genius

If your company is anything like King Content it will be full of geniuses, and you should utilise their knowledge as best you can. The eagle-eyed viewers amongst you will have noticed that over the past few months we’ve been sharing blog writing duties which has given us a more diverse portfolio and greater reach as each team member displays expertise in different areas.

Be like Sweden

In December last year the Swedish Institute and Visit Sweden set up a collaborative Twitter project, @sweden. The account, which now has more than 67,000 followers, gives a different Swedish citizen control each week, giving outsiders a well-rounded view of the country. Apart from one controversial week in June, the project has been deemed a success and similar (although not always government backed) profiles have now been set up for numerous countries, including @weareaustralia.

Work alongside those with similar interests

No matter how small your niche market, there are those who share your interests and goals. Whether you want greater exposure for your industry, get involved in guest blogging or improve a reputation, there are individuals and organisations who want the same thing who will happily collaborate with you to achieve these goals.

Be like Romania

Until recently, Google autocompleted the search term ‘Romanians are’ with ‘scum’, ‘ugly’ and ‘rude’. Not only this, but the negative suggestions continued in Romanian, French, German, Spanish and Italian. To counter this, a group of patriots established, and five international versions, to improve Romania’s online image. The plan is working, too; today, Google suggests both ‘intelligent’ and ‘beautiful’ to complete that sentence.

There’s no excuse for no updates

By now, you’ve undoubtedly create a number of social media accounts. The important thing is to keep these regularly updated with content that’s interesting to your customers and followers. No one wants to follow an account with perfunctory updates, and you’ll soon find yourself with a dwindling user base if that’s what you do.

Be like the USA

If President Obama can take half an hour out of his day to do an AMA on Reddit and the Curiosity Rover can send pictures and images despite being more than 50m kilometres from the office, it puts your schedule and excuses into perspective. From presidential campaigns to increasing business, online engagement is key.

Of course, not all countries lead by example and copying Russia’s fake Twitter profile idea or Chinese censorship is not to be encouraged.

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  • Great advice – Running a Marketing Campaign (both
    traditional and digital) is actually like running a country – with the economic
    growth (population or numbers of users) and military (anti-spam and virus) as
    well as the health sector (recovering from Search Engine updates and other technology trends as well
    as keeping the Marketing Campaign healthy and in good

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