Until recently, not many people held the title of content strategist. Even now, a job search for “content strategist” on LinkedIn, SEEK, Monster or any other job site is likely to turn up few results. But as more and more companies are recognising the value – and importance – of content to their marketing and branding efforts, these companies and content marketing agencies are finding that a content strategist is exactly what they need.

So if you can’t find them under that moniker – it is a relatively new industry and quirky title, after all – just how do you go about finding a content strategist? What do you search for? Turns out, a little bit of everything. Like many modern-day professions, the content strategist wears many hats and draws on a spectrum of skills.

Editorial and storytelling skills, diplomacy, number crunching, critical analysis and more… find the right combination of skills within these existing – and more familiar – roles and you just may find your content strategist.

Our content strategy team has taken inspiration from existing jobs to define the essential qualities of a content strategist and create this handy SlideShare guide to help in your search.

Essential qualities of a content strategist from King Content