Mix it up – how varied content speaks volumes

March 19, 2011Uncategorized

Earlier this week, King Content proudly sponsored Aimia’s content marketing event: Content Marketing – You ARE the publishing business.

We heard talks from Diana Kahui, Digital Marketing Manager at Tourism NSW, Michael Buckley, Managing Director at Sydney Amnesia Razorfish, Michael Durie, Marketing Consultant at Australia Post and Aidan Beanland, the SEO & Audience Optimisation Manager at Yahoo!7.

The overriding message of the event was this: quality, relevant and original content is the key to a successful online business. In the words of Aidan Beanland: “quality content is the oxygen that allows SEO to breath”.

The speakers were as diverse as you can get – projecting their opinion on digital content from the prospective of ad agency aficionado to SEO-guru, with thoughts on affiliated content and traditional marketing thrown in for good measure.

Content which is well-written and relevant to the reader both performs well across search engines and pleases the audience (obviously creating user commentary, links, social media shares – all increasing your SEO strength). And it’s not just the marketers who are onto this, but the web-savvy reader who can see straight through sales copy and Google who are continuously adapting their algorithm.

And we all know what happens as soon as Google chirps up – things change! Websites are penalized on farmed content and now and algorithm has been set in place to find duplicated copy. Meaning a simple ‘copy and paste’ job will not only risk getting you in trouble with copyright issues, but will do you absolutely no favours at all.

If we were to highlight one of the many segments of the Aimia’s event which stuck in our minds it would be Aidan Beanland’s words:

Opening his presentation with some very matter of fact statements Beanland announced that successful digital content must be a mixture of the following: relevant, shareable, well-written, informative, entertaining, provocative, shocking and passionate. Obviously, not always following the same formula, strong content will mix up these ideals and present itself to the reader as a varying yet constant mixture of those specifics.

But it was Beanland’s very clear tips on SEO that interested us the most – they seemed so simple but when you go deeper, some of these areas are still shockingly underused by online marketers.
We have:


Web pages
Press releases
Blog posts
User generated content (UGC)





Mobile apps

Most marketers are seeing how important text content is and know how ALT text behind an image can also aid keywording but King Content were intrigued by how much a simple infographic can help your business when it comes to SEO and page hits through sharability.

Think about it – an infographic is missing link between image and text. It has all the relevant and thorough information that you can expect from a paragraph of copy but with the simplicity of an image. Although when it comes to a google-bot scanning the site it probably doesn’t have as much influence as a strong page of text, it has shareability.

Infographics are therefore the link to SEO success through sharing and social media. They are the text equivalent of a video going viral and an undersaturated aspect of many websites.

Which lead us to another interesting point – Google likes breadth of content, it favours text, video, image and infographics over pure video or pure text. So, assess your content strategy and see where, if possible you can integrate a mixture of content.


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