King Content's Top 10 articles of 2012

December 13, 2012Uncategorized

A content audit is an essential part of any content strategy, including our own! So while auditing our own content, we thought it would be interesting to reflect on King Content’s top 10 blogs of 2012.

Here they are curated for your convenience and enjoyment.

Google broke their own rules and now they are being punished – by themselves

To keep things fair and square, Google made it a rule that we’re not allowed to pay people to link to our own sites in order to boost our page rank.

March of the Google Penguins

Have we all lost our minds? It seems like yesterday we were talking about pandas in our blog How Google’s Panda algorithm changed the content game forever. And now were talking about penguins!

The Google Exact Match Domain (EDM) penalty

What Google is not clear on is what criteria it uses to target a site. All we can speculate on is that it’s similar to the Penguin update and it’s all about high quality relevant traffic.

Content Marketing World 2012 – King Content’s top six take-outs

Well, it’s been another year and another instalment of CMI’s Content Marketing World. For us at King Content it’s always an exercise in logistics to get to the event, so after 20 odd hours of travel we reached the mecca!

Coles vs. Woolies: Battle of the brands

We looked into two of Australia’s top brands and their online content marketing strategies: Coles and Woolworths. Each of them strives to be the best with the content they distribute.

What we’ve learnt from content marketing in 2012

As we approach the end of the year, content marketers around the world will be looking back over 2012 to help shape editorial calendars for the upcoming months.

Ambush marketing and the Olympics

Ambush marketing at the Olympics is no new concept. With unprecedented levels of media coverage, the event is a magnet for companies looking to capitalise on the biggest sporting event in the world without paying for rights.

How to protect yourself from negative SEO

Although by no means a new process, negative SEO is currently the talk of many forums at the moment after claims that the SEO sites run by Dan Thies and used car sales site Just Good Cars, among others, have been successfully moved down Google’s rankings by outsiders.

The benefits of content marketing in a B2B environment

As the customer’s mindset continues to change, traditional “interruptive” methods of attracting new customers are beginning to lose traction.

Paid, owned and earned media for the layman

Earned, owned and paid media are steadily becoming to the new key phrases thrown around marketing and media boardrooms. If you don’t know what they mean, then best keep your head down (or read on), as these phrases will be shaping the approach of online marketers for many years to come.


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