Hangout With Obama in Google+, Yes We Can!

February 3, 2012Uncategorized

Before, if you mentioned a US President and a live online chat room, infidelity and philandering may have sprung to mind. Not anymore! As of this week, Obama appeared in a live video chat room known as a ‘Hangout,’ part of online search giant Google’s social networking site Google+.

More than 228,000 people submitted questions via the Google owned YouTube and then 5 Americans in cities across the country were selected. They chatted with the President in real time in the Hangout asking him questions and looking for answers. Place yourself in Obama’s shoes – sounds like something that you could do for your company right? I mean hosting a Hangout, not wearing Obama’s shoes around the office!

So what are Google+ Hangouts then?

Like Google+ and its Circles, Hangouts are another way in which you can communicate with your customers or clients or staff. Whether it’s a video chat or a conference, they may be published on YouTube pretty much instantly – yet another form of quality content from your business in the bag!

Google+: Explore Hangouts

Why should you Hangout?

Being approachable has always been a key factor in whether your company sinks or swims. Google+ Hangouts gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd and show that you are open to communicating with your customers, thus developing trust. The Hangout shows up on your timeline, and the timeline of those who have you in their Circles (and may deleted if you wish).

Who’s it for?

You! Video conferencing and meetings will never be the same again – well if it’s good enough for Obama! Each Hangout has it’s own URL that can be shared through Google+ and other social networks to invite other Google+ users. At the moment the seating is limited to 10 but this is soon to be increased.

What are you getting out of all this?

What’s great about Google+ Hangouts is the face-to-face value it brings. People can ask questions, give feedback, provide thoughts and ideas, and everyone involved gets to do this in the comfort of their own space. You could even set up a regular weekly or monthly Hangout, letting people know in advance, building a good reputation and a loyal following as you go.

Now, it’s over to you. Go forth and Hangout and let us know how you find it. King Content will be setting a few up in the coming weeks through our Google+ Page so if you’d like to stop by just add us to your Circles.

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