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December 4, 2010Uncategorized

You’ve made all the right steps so far… you’ve created a group focussing on your company, you’ve added an attractive attention-catching image and you’ve poured over what to write on your company ‘info page’. It may have taken a while but you finally nailed it. Well done.

When you’d finished, you sat back and decided more photos were needed, so you added a gallery…

You then invited a few of your mates… two of which joined.

You waited. Nothing happened.

Ok, so what next? How do you build a following?

Creating a facebook page is one thing but building a mass of followers is something else. So what happens once you’ve done all the essentials? What do you say and who do you say to start growth? How do you go from staring at a blank screen to being inundated with comments and requests?

You don’t have to have the most interesting and entertaining company in the world to grow a fan base, you just have to know what you’re saying content-wise, make it interesting and keep on top of your posts. Oh, and a bit of ‘page pimping’ doesn’t hurt either…. Spread your facebook link around relevant blog sites and you’re sure to get a few extra ‘likes’ in moments.

However, from all of the above, having an actual plan has got to be the most important of all.

Once you’ve made your page:

Think of who your followers are and the message you want to get across. If you’re the owner of a bar, you would assume your followers are interested in socialising and having fun and would be interested in posts relating to these things. If you are a florist, you would focus your attention on home décor etc…

Once you have an idea of this, RESEARCH what’s on in the local area revolving around these interests… write everything that is relevant into a ‘facebook editorial calendar’ and post countdowns to events, news focusing around these particular events, local trends and general information… but make sure this is outlined in a calendar so you have a rough schedule of what to post and when…

Once you are posting regularly invite to a small circle of friends and ask them to invite others too… this will help in the beginning stages. Find relevant blogs and places online in which you can refer to your group and link people to it.

Keep your tone of voice consistent and always give feedback to comments.

When you have a small following think of some offers and giveaways which you can work with… make these prizes and offers only for those who have ‘shared’ your group… for example by linking to it in their status. This is a sure way to build a following.

After this, think of other groups that you can team u with and contact the owners of those. A bit of mutual beneficial marketing will go a long way… and here’s where you can eventually get creative by hosting events, meet-ups and larger offers applicable to all (this will keep followers loyal), which reminds us… it’s not all about the new followers, you must take care of the old ones too!


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