Growing and retaining a social media following

September 3, 2011Uncategorized

This week King Content presented to a group of SMEs on the power of social media. The outline of which was to explain what we do as a business and our take on social media in regards to growing and retaining clients. The slideshow we presented is embedded below, so please have a look.

However, here’s an outline of the two key elements of this talk:

Growing social media followers

– Choosing your area:
Decide which aspect of social media you want to tackle and focus on it specifically. The area you choose should not only reflect your company but your personality – the more you enjoy updating the more your brand personality will shine through.
– Do one thing at once, correctly and building on your success.
It’s great to be across all social media platforms but trying to do too many things at once can actually be your downfall. Focus on one aspect and do it properly. After you have had success here use it to build other areas.
– A healthy mix of content
Don’t bore your readers by using the same content all the time. Mix it up a little and monitor the results – they way you will be able to assess which type of content works and when.
– Be creative
Sometime the most wacky or unrelated campaigns can draw the most attention to your business. Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice for example prompted people to sacrifice one of their contacts for a burger voucher – it was a huge success!
– Don’t be afraid of making mistakes:
Skittles gave their customers control of their website and people began posting offensive messages. It wasn’t the most wise move by Skittles but it certainly didn’t draw negative attention.

Retaining social media followers… and creating ‘brand ambassadors’

– Through Conversation
People like to feel valued so make sure you reply to all of your customers no matter what. If you’re time poor get a smart phone and treat posts like txt messages.
– Replying to negative sentiment
Tackle negative sentiment head on – never leave it without a reply.
– Creating discussions
Ask your followers questions and ALWAYS reply.
– Giving something back to followers
It’s not just about what you offer new customers but what you should do for those that follow you. Once you have the ‘like’ do not dismiss people!
– Creating a community
Create events and generate motivation within the group.
– Embracing the ‘Super fan’
Look out for those that comment more than others – with some attention these people can become very handy brand ambassadors.

Full slideshow can be seen below:

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