David Meerman Scott and the Power of "King Content"

April 4, 2011Content marketing

King Content sponsored the first of three David Meerman Scott events at the Ivy in Sydney last week. Brought to Australia by the Growth Faculty, David had us all thinking about why all things marketing and PR have taken so long in the past. He underlined the fact that things are now different and I was pleased that content is front and centre in this marketing revolution.

He started the event by recounting a yarn about how Universal Studios tried something different when they were to promote their new Harry Potter Theme Park in the US. One marketeer took the unique step of not using mainstream media or any traditional PR paths by alerting just seven…thats right SEVEN mainstream bloggers about the event. They in turn were briefed and went to work. The result was unbelievable– within 24 hours over 350,000,000 people were exposed to their content and promos. A great example of the new world of marketing and most importantly the power of content and blogging.

He talked about how small businesses now more than ever have the ability to compete with the “big boys”. No longer is the statement more apt, “scale and buying power are no longer a marketing advantage”. Speed and ideas are. Everyone can become a publisher and start now. He recommended that the next person all businesses should hire is a writer and if you cant so that find an outsourced partner. SME’s need to embrace real time marketing: blogs, news feeds, social media and twitter. Why can’t every business website be a news site–providing leadership, knowledge and information within their industry? If that were the case do you think that company would drive more revenue and sales? I think so.

The evidence of why companies should start doing this now is in his research of the Fortune 100 companies. Those companies that engaged in social media saw their share price rise 3x as much as those that didn’t.

The key to all of this is to stop procrastinating–there has never been an easier time to launch a social media campaign, a content marketing strategy or a blog post. Every member of staff has a story, a piece of news or a perspective so start creating your story today and see the sales roll in!

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