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What We Do.

Drive content marketing ROI with a content strategy tailored to your unique business goals and objectives.
Market analysis

Get to know your competitors and customers. Stay focused, stay on brand and get tangible results from content.
Content creation

Create content that’s relevant and timely, and reaches your customers exactly when and where they want it.
Content analytics

Drive sales and lift brand awareness with metrics that matter. Measure, tweak and optimise content performance.

Our Clients.

Enterprise-grade content. Award-winning results.

Our Approach.

Discovery phase

Collaborate with your marketing team and other key stakeholders to identify and understand what content and processes you currently work with.

Strategy phase
Our experts use a range of data sources and analytics platforms to uncover insights that reveal strategic content opportunities for your business.
Implementation phase

Your content strategy is translated into specific tactics to create an implementation plan. This details how your business can execute the strategy.

Launch phase

An implementation plan will cover the platform and launch content to ensure that strategic content is available to identify key personas.

Execution phase
Content calendars schedule the continuing production and amplification of content, which is tracked and reported to ensure you reach
your objectives.
Test and refine
Track data from web and social channels through our content workflow platform to continually optimise your
program in line with your strategy.




Drawing up the plans for your content marketing strategy

Using the right road map is always the first step to reaching your destination, and with King Content on board you’ll be on the path to success. Our dedicated team of strategists are experts at delivering tailored content strategies to suit every client’s unique requirements.

What’s more, as each strategy incorporates measurable criteria, you can be sure you’re working with a plan that not only meets your content and business objectives, but also provides valuable feedback to assist with the path ahead. The key elements in our content marketing road maps include:

  • Compelling content pillars.
  • Accurate audience personas.
  • Content formats and style.
  • Distribution and amplification tactics.
  • KPIs and success metrics.

Why develop a content strategy?

At its heart, a content strategy facilitates the consistent delivery of engaging stories – stories that attract and retain your target audience’s attention. If we drill further down into the details, a content strategy allows you to evaluate your business and customer needs, outline effective tactics and define your idea of success. With these steps in place, you’re travelling in the right direction. Without them, you’re lost.

Modern consumers increasingly expect to develop a direct and personal relationship with the brands they use and trust. They crave knowledge that empowers them to make more informed purchasing choices. And they desire a two-way communication channel that traditional advertising and marketing fails to deliver. That’s where content steps in, providing all of this and more.

What does a content strategy look like?

Just as each client we work with is different, every content strategy is unique. In saying this, we have developed a framework that is useful in crafting the process.

We start by defining your business objectives. Whether it’s increasing customer loyalty and retention, generating leads and nurturing them through the sales cycle, or working with you to uncover another target, setting an objective is crucial. From here, we take a closer look at your audience, distil the information and uncover insights. The real work then begins, with us recommending tactics and implementing and measuring the results.

Throughout the process, your individual requirements, the audience’s response to your content and, of course, your ROI remain top of mind.

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