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We’ve brought together the latest content marketing articles and blogs from around the web and wrapped them up into one convenient post!

Explore the latest trends, indulge in new ideas and see which brands are making headway in their 2014 digital strategies.


Upworthy FacebookUpworthy’s traffic has fallen by nearly half due to Facebook’s new algorithm. So what are they doing about it?

After witnessing a significant decrease in their traffic in December due to changes in Facebook’s algorithm, Upworthy carried out some serious data analysis and have a new metric ‘Attention Minutes’.

The new metric measures real-time activity, marking a new path for content analysis. For more information on how this new medium could deliver more real business results keep reading.   


Sass and Bide CampaignSass & Bide take retail therapy to a new level with a 360-degree interactive experience.

Australian Fashion label Sass & Bide’s clever interactive ad allows you to tour their new collection via a panoramic still which shows just how retail is changing its content delivery to fit the digital age.

Its integration of Google Street View takes viewers on an entirely new shopping journey. Is this the future of retail or a just a cool marketing idea to get noticed? 


How important is the big in big dataIs the ‘Big’ in ‘Big Data’ as important as we think?

LinkedIn senior hacker, Mathew Shoup, evaluates the ‘big’ in big data and addresses the traditional idea of quality not quantity.

On closer assessment of each layer of the data cake it becomes apparent, that there is a need to start small and to properly assess the tools and systems that often create frontiers, before widening the top of the funnel and actually minimising the success at the bottom.

Nando's plays chicken with SchapelleNando’s plays chicken with Schapelle and wins

Last week Nando’s jumped on news of Corby’s release to be at the forefront of topical advertising. A real time stunt that -although slightly distasteful – has got everyone talking.

With hunger to digest the newest content as soon as possible, it is guaranteed that topical advertising is going to become a much bigger player in content marketing. However how far is too far when we’re discussing private lives?


At KFC in Russia, diners now eat and then make their own movie about it

MovieMatic, an automated moviemaking machine has been installed in KFC’s in Russia to allow every day diners to shoot and post ads to YouTube.

A great example of how you can encourage user-generated content while getting a better understanding of you audience and generating bucket loads of future marketing material!



Tom Fishburne Showrooming cartoonThe rise of ‘showrooming’ trend in retail

The term describes the practice of using internet-connected smartphones to check other retailers’ prices and to read reviews while in or among physical world stores.

Here’s the response from retailers:


Radiohead AppRadiohead’s immersive app

The ‘Polyfauna’ app shows how brands can add to the user experience. The app guides users through a series of different landscapes set to the music of Radiohead’s album King of Limbs. 



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