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Communiqué. Everything you need to track content production and performance.
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The Communiqué Platform.

Improve content workflow and effectiveness.
Digital asset management

Our global asset library is a storage point for images. Attach assets to editorial items and share with your organisation.
Editorial workflow

Communiqué serves as a single reference point to track all details of the content production process.

Monitor timelines for delivery and align content marketing initiatives with other campaigns or activity across the year.

Gather performance metrics from website assets and social channels, displayed as data points on a graphical dashboard.

Our Clients.

Get more eyes on your content.

Why Communiqué?

From SME to global enterprise

Consolidate, streamline and control content production across your global enterprise and collaborate with teams anywhere in the world.

Automate workflows

Map your internal workflow requirements into the platform so you can simplify approvals and track content across your enterprise efficiently and effectively.

Streamline editorial

Simplify the editorial process by consolidating topic generation, briefing, production and approvals in a single online system.

Plan social media distribution

Plan your content to meet your objectives. Every headline and every image is optimised to improve the reading experience for all content users.

Integrate with other platforms

Integrate with popular tools and platforms, including Sitecore, WordPress and Drupal, or use our application programming interface to create a customised solution.

Global view of analytics

Make better strategic content decisions by using real-time data and reports to monitor, measure and analyse content performance.

Improve ROI from content.

Create content your audience loves.

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