The dos and don’ts of content marketing for Christmas and New Year’s

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The dos and don'ts of content marketing for Christmas


Christmas – a time for family, festivity and inflated appetites. And we’re not just talking about the Christmas turkey.

Christmas remains the most significant spending period for Australians, and hyperconnected consumers will be looking online to satiate their spending appetites. By creating a tailored content marketing strategy for the Christmas and New Year’s period, you have an opportunity to earn new audiences as well as actively engage with regulars.

With the countdown to Christmas well and truly on, here’s the dos and don’ts of content marketing for Christmas and New Year’s.


DO: Tie seasonal content back to the needs of your audience 

You cannot create content for content’s sake. While seasonal content is important, you need to look beyond this. Who are your customers and what issues are most important to them? Generating copy that resonates with your audience on both a personal and seasonal level ensures your readers understand that your business has more to offer than a simple “Merry Christmas”.

DO: Emphasise that your brand lives and works in their world 

Consumers want to know there is a person behind the brand – a person who operates inside their world. Use this opportunity to produce content that sits in their world and outside your business-focused content strategy. By recognising and interacting with community events, for instance, this will show your audience that your brand is genuine and authentic.

DO: Bring cheer and personality to your brand

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are perfect opportunities to warm the relationship your brand has with its clients. Join the festivities online and indulge in a little playful banter. Last year Officemax did just that and created a viral hit with ElfYourself.

Santa thumbs down


DON’T: Play it safe

Let’s put things into perspective: Myer assembled their first Christmas window display as early as September this year; advent calendars were available in shops by early October; and Santa has been at the shops for more than a month. By this point, your audience is tired of the same generic festive messages. If you fail to innovate, your marketing strategy will fall on deaf ears.

Try something unique. What will be in the back of your audience’s minds for months to come? Maybe you could swap that red, green and white imagery for an interesting infographic…

DON’T: Become a “Merry Christmas” drone

“Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” unfortunately fall into the category of ‘standard holiday greeting’. Each adjective is synonymous with its holiday and you will repeat each greeting a million times every day until 2014 rolls around. Change it up a little – the Google+ Hangouts greeting from last year really hit the nail on the head.

DON’T: Forget about your brand

Before you sign off on your end-of-year content marketing strategy, take the time to evaluate your ideas. Are they right for your brand? Are they sincere and original? Do they resonate with your brand’s existing target audience? If you can answer yes three times then your festive content marketing approach will wholeheartedly tie in with your broader year-round content objectives.

By Abbey Ford – Editorial Assistant
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