Content amplification essentials

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Content amplification essentialsWe’ve long advocated the need for branded content that is well crafted, relevant and engaging, but the internet is a busy, noisy place and it takes a lot more than pressing ‘publish’ on your content to get it seen, read and creating an impact with the right audience.  That’s where content amplification comes in to play.

Amp it up

Content amplification is about doing more than just creating great content. It’s about how you promote and push that content out so that it best reaches and is consumed by your brand’s target consumers. Content amplification can be done in various ways, including:

  • Brand-owned assets: The easiest and most immediate way to amplify your content is through brand-owned assets. This includes sharing content on your website, blog, related microsites, social media and e-newsletters.
  • Outreach: Developing relationships with reputed bloggers and influencers or building networks with industry partner sites and online media is another way of amplifying content and growing your brand reach and readership.
  • Outbrain: This platform recommends articles (through an algorithm to identify what content the reader is most likely to consume and engage with) to relevant audiences across a range of established media and publisher sites.
  • Paid social media amplification: You’ll be surprised at how much advertising on social media – for example, a well-targeted LinkedIn Sponsored Update or Facebook Promoted Post – can help with amplifying content. The most successful social media amplification will always consider the nature of the content, the target audience and the platforms that will best communicate this.

Sound benefits

Content amplification is about making the most of the content your business creates – and better targeting and connecting with the audience that consumes it. And if the content is engaging and appealing, it will help build your brand’s name and authority, grow your audience and reach, and drive new, potential and existing consumers back to your company assets.

Here are three tips to help your business better implement content amplification:

  • Content amplification should not be an afterthought: It should be a key consideration in the development of your business’s content strategy. Consider who you are writing for. What are you writing about? How can you best amplify this content to reach them?
  • Don’t take a one-style-fits-all approach to amplification: Always tailor your content to suit the channel you are using to share it – even if it’s as small as changing headers. For example, how you amplify content on Facebook should be different to Twitter or your company e-newsletter.
  • Make content amplification a team effort: Whether it’s a video, results from a company survey or a staff profile piece, encourage your staff to share content across their own networks, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Senior staff and company ambassadors sharing content in industry forums, such as a LinkedIn Group, can also help drive engagement and sharing.

Does your business amplify its content? If yes, how?

Lisa Cugnetto – Content Strategist


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  • Emma says:

    You are so right. It’s all bout publishing your content to your audience. Put it in front of them (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc etc)- don’t just assume that they will come to your site searching for your new content. Get the most out of your content and share share share – who knows, you might just build your audience at the same time.

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