Coles vs. Woolies: Battle of the Brands

May 18, 2012Uncategorized

Has anyone been watching The Voice?

Bet you weren’t expecting that as an opening line! Overnight the show has become the social media phenomenon of 2012 in Australia. We haven’t been glued to it or anything but sometimes it just happens to be on TV around about dinner time (!!)

Anyway, apart from Seal’s luminous nail varnish or Delta’s unfathomable beauty, there’s something else that got us talking. Are you familiar with the 1 on 1 rounds? Where two contestants go head to head, in front of millions of people and quite literally sing for their lives.

We, having a keen interest in marketing, couldn’t help but wonder, what if each contestant represented a brand? That may sound slightly nerdy, but when you think about, the successful contestants often go on to become brands themselves. God only knows how many fragrances Kylie Minogue’s name is attached to!

We were coupling lots of big brands up there, replacing the singing stage for a social platform. Think Hungry Jacks against McDonalds, Virgin versus Jetstar, or Dick Smith taking on JB Hi Fi. Just who would outshine their competitor online? More importantly, who is outshining the other right now?

We looked into two of Australia’s top brands and their online content marketing strategies: Coles and Woolworths. Each of them strive to be the best with the content they distribute. The ‘Big 2’ have been battling it out since time on the shopping line began. One minute Coles costs less, next thing Woolies wows us with its fresher food claims.

In the recent months the supermarket chains have shown interest and investment in their online presence, but just who is winning this digital war?


Coles have 120 pluses while Woolies don’t have one.

Winner: Coles


Coles have 145,715 likes while Woolies have a whopping 170,130.

Winner: Woolies


Coles has 2,093 Followers but Woolies just trumps them with 2,100.

Winner: Woolies

So there you have it, Woolies takes the King Content crown for best social supermarket. But we reckon it’s a bit of a tie with Woolies not even having a Google+ account yet!

We’ll be going through other big Aussie brands going head to head on the social platform and seeing which one has the louder voice so watch this stage, or.. I mean space!

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