Ambush marketing and the Olympics: Part 2

August 17, 2012Uncategorized

It wasn’t just the athletes that were pushing the limits at the London Olympics 2012. Big brands were getting in on the ambush action. Right before The Games began we posted a blog titled “Ambush marketing and the Olympics,” about how brands, that are in no way affiliated with the event, use it to gain recognition without the hefty price tag of sponsorship.

We promised you our gold, silver and bronze medallists for the most creative and eye-catching ambush marketing campaigns. So here’s our top three.

In third place we have: Nike

Nike released an inspiring ad about how to “Find Your Greatness” through sport. The word “London” featured throughout but, cleverly, none of which were actually the London in question. Such a big brand like Nike using ambush tactics shows us how popular this type of marketing is becoming.

In second place: Paddy Power


This cheeky Irish bookmaker ran a campaign that claimed to be the official sponsor of London’s largest sporting event. Turns out there’s a town in France called London who hold an annual egg and spoon race – who knew! So the Olympic Organising Committee threatened to take poor aul’ Paddy Power to the courts, but luckily for us – they lost!

And the winner is: iSelect

iSelect, a health insurance site, took ambush marketing to another level altogether by mocking the advertisers who mock the Olympics with ambush marketing. Make sense? Take a look…

The ad even premiered during Nine’s coverage of the Olympic opening ceremony. Coincidence? I think not!

And there you have it. So those of you who wish to gain maximum exposure for a fraction of the cost of official sponsors, ambush marketing may be something to consider. However King Content, Australia’s leading digital content marketing agency, does not encourage this kind of carry on 😉

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